Chris Davis Is Closing In On Some Miserable History
Chris Davis Is Closing In On Some Miserable History

How unhealthy square measure things for Orioles 1st baseman/utilityman Chris Davis? He’s thus lost at the plate right away, he’s losing pitching assignments over it.

Baltimore got walloped by the Yankees 15-3 on Sunday, thus to spare the bullpen manager Brandon Hyde brought in a very position player to pitch. Davis was the sole Oriole within the dugout with major-league pitching expertise, going 2 unsuccessful innings and learning a win in a very 16-inning game in 2012. He was additionally a star pitcher in high school. however, Hyde went with Hanser Alberto rather than Davis. Why? “I didn’t wish to place the spotlight on him,” Hyde same.

Chris Davis Is Closing In On Some Miserable History
Chris Davis Is Closing In On Some Miserable History


There could also be no method of avoiding it. Davis is currently zero for his last forty-four ANd 2 outs off from attachment the longest hitless streak in baseball history: an 0-for-46 stretch that took Eugenio Velez 2 groups and over a full twelvemonth to accomplish, and when that he ne’er vie within the massive leagues once more. Davis has compiled his historic offer in a lot of shorter time, geological dating back to Sept. fourteen of last season, as a result of he’s still obtaining paid $23 million this year and for every of ensuing 3 years, and also the Orioles square measure precisely a team that wishes to simply accept a ruined price (nor are they a team that’s actively making an attempt to win).

In 2019 alone, Davis 0-for-23 with thirteen strikeouts. He was 0-for-4 with 2 additional American states on Sunday.

“I hope that he seems like he’s creating progress,” Hyde same. “He took a handful tight passes on those fly balls [on Sunday]. simply didn’t happen.”

It hasn’t happened in a very whereas, thus here we tend to square measure. And Monday might be the day for Davis, and history. human Marco Estrada can begin for a city, and Davis has been within the lineup primarily against righties this year. (Last season he hit .178 against righties, that solely appearance unhealthy till you see however he did against lefties.)

One more hitless bat would tie him with Bill urban center (1909), Dave mythologist (1973), and Craig Counsell (2011), 2 additional would tie him with Velez, and 3 additional would provide him the record outright. (Davis is additionally six hitless plate appearances off from Tony Bernazard’s MLB record of fifty-seven, set in 1974.)

And whether or not Davis ultimately breaks the inglorious record or snaps his streak with a success, perhaps the Orioles can let him pitch once more.



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